Summit Lake meeting on toxic algae

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SUMMIT LAKE, Wash. — Today health officials spoke with people who live around Summit Lake about the toxic algae that makes the water dangerous to humans or pets.

The lake is the only source of water for residents.

The Thurston County Board of Health declared the toxic algae bloom a community emergency.
That means residents who rely on the lake for drinking water can not use lake water for anything– not even for pets or laundry.

Until the emergency is over, health officials are providing safe water for drinking and cooking.

Rachel Wood is a health officer for Lewis and Thurston County.  She was at the community meeting today.

“People are essentially camping in their homes,” said Wood.

Health officials warn filtration, boiling, and other methods do not remove or de-activate the toxic algae.

Health officials don’t know the cause of this toxic algae, but say several factors could be to blame like temperature, the nutrients in water and increased rainfall.

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