Your life expectancy in Washington: county-by-county

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SEATTLE — A new study conducted by the University of Washington shows a large gap among Washington counties in life expectancy over the past 35 years.

Researchers looked at a combination of socioeconomic and race-ethnicity factors, behavioral and metabolic risk factors, along with generic health care factors. They compared county by county how much your life expectancy grew from 1980 to 2014.

Washington’s longest life expectancy was in San Juan County at 83.7 years.

2014: 83.7
2010: 83.44
1980: 77.41

The state’s lowest life expectancy was in Grays Harbor County at 76.61 years.

2014: 76.61
2010: 76.72
1980: 72.98

Washington state’s life expectancy was higher than the national life expectancy, 79.99 years to the national average of 79.08 years.

King County Life Expectancy:
2014: 81.37
2010: 81.11
1980: 75.33

Snohomish County Life Expectancy:
2014: 80.15
2010: 79.95
1980: 75.47

Pierce County Life Expectancy: 
2014: 78.72
2010: 78.46
1980: 74.14

Women did outlive men in Washington by 4.1 years. On average, men live to 77.97 and women live to 82-years-old.

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