Teen teams up with actor Chris Pratt for Children’s Hospital fundraiser

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SEATTLE - 14-year-old Makenna Schwab and Hollywood actor Chris Pratt have teamed up to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, they got to meet and are partnering to raffle a trip for four to visit Chris Pratt on the set of Jurassic World 2 in Hawaii.

"I freaked out, I was like oh my God, that's Chris Pratt!" said Schwab, a patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Pratt admittedly makes Schwab freak out.

"It's crazy to me that I'm friends with him,” Schwab said. “I met Chris through Make-A-Wish, and my wish was that he would help me with my service projects that I do for Children’s,” Schwab said.

She has Larsen’s Syndrome.

“It's a rare connective tissue disorder that causes dislocations throughout my joints and deformities in my bones and makes breathing hard for me and causes instability in my spine,” said Schwab.

The syndrome means she’s had more surgeries than she’s had birthdays - 15 so far.

"This is literally my second home,” Schwab said.

"We’ve always hoped that she isn't a victim of it and she’s proven to be a hero of it, and I’m so proud of her,” said Makenna’s mother, Melissa Schwab.

"In 2011 I asked my mom if I could sell cookies and lemonade and give the money to Children's and every year since then we’ve done a variety of projects and brought in over 2,000 toys and raised over $73,000 dollars for the hospital and I’m really proud of that,” said Schwab.

A hospital as her second home means Schwab knows first hand the impact these projects have on kids who are patients at Seattle Children’s.

"We have a play room here and be able to go down and see cool toys and movies and be able to take them up to your room, because sometimes you aren’t feeling good and having a book to color or movie to watch really does make you feel a lot better,” said Schwab.

Pratt and Schwab email back and forth, and so far have raised more than $200,000 since launching four days ago.

"So we launched our project a couple of days ago actually and he’s offering the chance to meet him on the set of Jurassic World 2 in Hawaii and all the proceeds will go to the Seattle Children’s orthopedic center,” Schwab said.

Running the world may be a long way off, but Schwab hopes to be an orthopedic nurse practitioner, maybe running the floors of the hospital that provided her with her mobility.

"How amazing is that, let that sink in for a minute, this kid, had a wish, and her wish was to raise money so she can help other kids in her situation. She's extraordinary. One day she'll run the world, and that's why I'm getting on her good side now!” Pratt said in a taped selfie video.