Plan in the works to ease congestion on one of state’s most congested spots — US 2 trestle

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LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- Traffic is only expected to get worse as Snohomish County's population is expected to grow by another 200,000 by 2035.

One of the most congested spots is the US 2 trestle near Lake Stevens. Transportation officials are hoping to change that and give you some relief on your daily commute.

Lawmakers want to know what it will cost to replace the westbound span and how to pay for it.

WSDOT officials provided Q13 News with initial results of the survey on Monday.

Here's an overview of what they found:

  • 2,750 people completed the survey, 65% of them were from Lake Stevens
  • 78% reported that their commute time had increased in the last 5 years
  • 74% said they use the trestle five or more days a week
  • 87% said they drive alone
  • 76% said they leave earlier or later to avoid traffic
  • 33% said more direct transit service would motivate them to use transit
  • 53% said they would like to see some sort of lane improvements, of that group 25% suggested adding more lanes

So what's next?

WSDOT officials will spend the rest of the year looking at potential design options before delivering the final study to the Legislature next spring.