Seahawks draft Mike Tyson (no, not THAT Mike Tyson)

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SEATTLE – Mike Tyson is a Seattle Seahawk.

Not THAT Mike Tyson, obviously.

With their first pick of the sixth round of the NFL draft Saturday, the Seahawks chose Cincinnati safety Mike Tyson.

Tyson is a 6-foot-2, 201-pounder who had 137 tackles and seven interceptions in 43 career games.

In a call with Seattle media, Tyson said he was told he’ll likely play press corner but the Seahawks told him to be open to playing elsewhere.

Twitter, of course, immediately erupted with Mike Tyson jokes.

Don’t worry; Tyson’s heard it all before. He told the Cincinnati Enquirer he comes from a line of Mike Tysons, and he’s used to it.

“People will be like, well, you can’t fight like Mike Tyson,” Tyson said. “Or they say, ‘You’re going to bite my ear off.’ They say stuff like that, just joking around.”

Seattle still has one more sixth-round pick (No. 210 overall) and two seventh-rounders (226 and 249) to work with.