Gophers slowing construction in Thurston County

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THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Gophers are slowing construction in the south Sound.

The Mazama pocket gopher is listed as threatened in Thurston County, and that is putting construction on hold, regardless of what property owners may want.

"They have more rights to our property than we do," Deborah Mclain told Q13.

"In one instance, I had to give up 64% of my property where we built the house," homebuilder Larry Weaver said. "It was a little over an acre of ground, and 64% had to be fenced off as gopher habitat."

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife cannot guess how many of the gophers are left in Thurston County, adding the fact that the gophers are endangered is not based on a number but based on area and threats.