Thunder, hail for some folks Wednesday, even new snow on the passes

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SEATTLE -- It will be gusty, damp and chilly for a bit, but the weather will get much better this weekend.

Wednesday starts out wet. Seattle sees the least rain due to the rain-shadow but there will be lots of rain for the outlying areas. Later in the day a strong Convergence Zone forms just north of Seattle and this will be an area with hail and thunder for the evening hours.

"There will be a few hours when it comes into the Seattle area so I-90 looks very wet," said Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley. "It is cold enough for the mountain passes to get 6 or more inches of snow by Thursday morning -- rare for this time of year."

Thursday through the weekend looks pretty nice, with way less rain. The one spot that will stay damp will be the Convergence Zone this weekend. Highs the next few days will stay in the mid-50s.

"The highs this weekend will be in the 60s, enjoy!"