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Son with autism heartbroken by closure of Blockbuster Video gets own ‘store’ from dad

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MISSION, Texas — One dad came up with the perfect Hollywood ending when his son with autism was heartbroken by the closure of his favorite video store.

“My autistic brother was sad that Blockbuster was closing down,” @Javiii_Zuniga wrote on Twitter. “So my parents made a mini one at home for him!”

(Photo: @Javiii_Zuniga)

The parents topped the display rack with a Blockbuster Video sign and stocked the shelves with their 20-year-old son’s favorite movies — including various Veggie Tales, Rugrats, Barney and Elmo titles.

His brother said he’s not verbal but he was smiling, clapping and laughing with joy when their parents showed him the surprise.

(Photo: @Javiii_Zuniga)

The tweet got more than 94,000 likes in less than two days and gave lots of people all kinds of feelings.

Blockbuster Video first opened in 1985, and, at its height, had roughly 60,000 employees and 9,000 stores across the country.

There are now just 12 Blockbuster Video stores left in America — nine belonging to the same franchise owner, according to CBS.

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