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‘I remember it,’ Holocaust survivors share their stories in Seattle

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SEATTLE -- People packed into a small room in Seattle's Holocaust Center for Humanity Sunday to hear stories from victims. Monday is Holocaust remembrance day.

Peter Metzelaar told the crowd he survived by hiding with his mother in a home in the Netherlands.

"We had many close calls and through the cunning of my mother and the decency of other people, I'm here, you know. Unfortunately six million or so are not," Metzelaar said. "This is the story that wasn't told by me. I didn't read about it. I remember it."

Another survivor shared his story of hiding in a Ukrainian family's barn during the war.

"We do not want people to feel sorry for us, what we went through. This is not our mission.  Our mission is to prevent future genocides," Henry Friedman said.

At this ceremony, they lit seven candles. Six for the six million jews killed in WWII and one for all other victims.