Police arrest teenage suspect in Seattle bus stop shooting that wounded 5

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SEATTLE — Seconds after the terrifying shooting, police officers running to the scene had no idea the suspect was inches away and running off. What was clear was the chaos.

Witnesses heard two men speaking loudly right before a hail of bullets wounded five people near the bus stop on 3rd and Pine. Police say when Alrick Hollingsworth opened fire as dozens of people desperately tried to find cover, including children.

“Fourteen witnesses and five people wounded,” Capt. Steven Paulsen said.

With the shooting happening in a bustling downtown area, surveillance footage helped detectives identify the teenage suspect quickly.

“We were able to track him from one block to the next where he frequented,” Paulsen said.

But each time they got close to an arrest, SPD says Hollingsworth managed to evade them.

Eventually, the pressure got to him and a youth counselor who knows the alleged shooter convinced the teenager to turn himself in.

“He was a huge assistance to us in getting Mr. Hollingsworth arrested last night,” Paulsen said.

Detectives say at one time Hollingsworth seemed like he was on the right track. At 14,  Hollingsworth was even honored for publishing a book.

“He was involved in a youth program here in the city and he had some accolades from city officials,” Paulsen said.

Now he sits behind bars, facing five counts of first-degree assault.

Police say shortly after the shooting near Westlake Center, there was another shooting in Capitol Hill. The incident happened at the home of the suspect’s girlfriend. Police say no one was injured in that incident but investigators are now looking into whether Hollingsworth played a role.

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