Former mayor Mike McGinn says Seattle too expensive: ‘We can’t let this city become a San Francisco’

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SEATTLE — Seattle’s mayoral race is set for a rematch.

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is challenging Ed Murray, who defeated him in 2013.

McGinn says he’s running for the city’s top job again because Seattle’s booming economy risks making it “an enclave for the wealthy.” He hopes voters will give him a fresh look as the city faces new challenges.

The former mayor joined Brandi Kruse for an interview on Q13 News This Morning to discuss why he decided to run for office again.

McGinn, who was mayor from 2010-2014, announced his candidacy Monday. At a news conference he said the middle class is being squeezed out as rent and housing prices soar. He said he'd push for a city income tax on the wealthy, knowing it would lead to a court fight. In 1984, the state Legislature approved a law that prohibits a county, city or city-county from levying a tax on net income.

Murray, who led the push to increase Seattle's minimum wage to $15 an hour, was not expected to face serious competition for re-election. However earlier this month a man sued Murray, saying 30 years ago he sexually abused him when he was a teen. Murray has forcefully denied the allegations.