Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

Classic spring showers this week, but chilly

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SEATTLE — Play hooky, take a half day — no rain showers are expected on Tuesday, according to Q13 News chief meteorologist Walter Kelley.

He said this week will be a classic spring pattern with “sun, hail, rainbows, isolated thunderstorms, more squalls, and wind.”

Kelley says it will also be colder than normal across Puget Sound.

“We should be at about 60 degrees this time of year, and instead we’re sitting here at 52, 53,” Kelley said on Facebook Live Sunday afternoon. “We are going to be colder than normal all week long.”

The forecast:

Monday starts out damp. “It’ll be gusty Monday afternoon with sun breaks but isolated thunderstorms are in the forecast,” Kelley said.

Winds will pick up with gusts around 30mph. The Convergence zone will be active in the afternoon at that is the best place for thunderstorms mainly north of Seattle.

Tuesday looks pretty nice with some good sunshine.

Wednesday looks similar to Monday with passing showers, squalls, isolated thunderstorms, sun breaks and rainbows.

Thursday and Friday will have regular passing showers.

Saturday looks pretty nice.

Sunday more showers.

Now to some space news. Kelley says the full “pink” moon will rise Monday night.

And Jupiter will be very visible near the moon for the next three nights. “It is the closest Jupiter gets all year, Enjoy.”