Golf course water hazards could help prevent flooding in North Everett

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EVERETT -- A new multi-million dollar golf course project could be the solution to a flooding problem in North Everett neighborhoods. The city is moving forward with a flood prevention plan that includes adding a new pond and expanding an existing one at the Legion Memorial Golf Course.

“The detention ponds will act to store stormwater during high volume storm events until such time as the water can be released back into the stormwater system,” said Parks and Community Services director Lori Cummings.

Back in 2013, heavy rain overwhelmed the stormwater system causing streets and basements to flood in parts of North Everett. Over the years, the city paid out millions of dollars in damage claims.

By adding the new ponds, excess stormwater can be rerouted to the golf course. The city says the ponds will be able to hold over 1.5 million gallons of water. They will always be filled, but the water level will fluctuate based on rainfall.

“We believe this is the most cost effective and efficient way to do this project as well as the golfers who benefit from an improved and enhanced golf course,” said Cummings.

The $2.4 million Legion Golf Course Stormwater Detention Project is part of a much larger plan to prevent flooding in North Everett. The city expects to start construction in 2018.

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