“They have her address… they have her cell phone:” Help ID woman suspected of stealing from horrified hospital patient

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Do you recognize this woman?

Olympia Police are trying to identify her after officers say she stole from a patient at St. Peters Hospital in Lacey.

The victim, Debbie Besaw, says the thief stole her purse while she was receiving treatment dealing with her chronic health issues. “My husband was in the room and he stepped out to use the bathroom right across the hall and when we came in he said, ‘Somebody gave you flowers,’ and I said, ‘Nobody knows I’m here.’

Olympia Police believe the woman left behind some half-dead flowers and stole Debbie`s purse while her husband used the restroom. “I said, ‘Where’s my purse?’ He said, ‘I don`t know? I don`t have it.”

On top of her health worries, Debbie is now anxious about identity theft and can`t stop thinking about the keepsakes she may never see again. “I had jewelry in my purse, because I had to take it off for the test and I had a lot of money in my purse, because we just got back from being out of town. I had to come home because something was wrong with my knee.”

Debbie’s husband is worried about his wife. “She won’ eat. She won’t sleep. She’s worried about the car being taken. She’s worried about somebody coming to the house, or just driving by. They have her address they have her cell phone.” Debbie says that’s what hurts her the most. “The thing that really upsets me is my phone, it has all my pictures of my grandkids in it, pictures I`ll probably never get back. I just want my things back. I had my jewelry in there and everything, all my medications. Everything.”

If you recognize the suspect, or have any information to help police identify her, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, or use the P3 Tips App to submit your information.