A bit of a soggy start to the weekend

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SEATTLE -- The light rain early Saturday morning tapers off into a mix of isolated showers and sun by mid-morning for the Central Sound, a tad later for points farther south.

Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Tim Joyce says a convergence zone looks possible between Seattle and Everett on Saturday evening for an extra dose of possible rain. Highs will be near the normal of 56.

Sunday: Looks a tad on the chilly side with highly like only in the low 50s. A chance of isolated showers remains possible in the mostly dry NW atmospheric flow. Snow level in the mountains will drop to about 2,000 feet so precipitation at our mountain passes will be snow and not rain.

Next week: Monday & Tuesday look like some really nice days. Clouds and sun with highs pushing close to 60 -- in fact, a few places might squeak out a 60-degree temperature reading for an hour or so in the afternoon. Wednesday starts out dry, but rain looks likely to return by late afternoon. Thursday the rain tapers off into some scattered showers. Friday also looks to have a mix of showers and sun.​