Bothell community celebrates some businesses reopening downtown after fire

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BOTHELL, Wash. — Less than a year ago, a large fire destroyed several businesses in downtown Bothell and left the community in devastation.

On Thursday, one of those businesses, Level 7 Salon, is celebrating its grand reopening, and city leaders say it’s only the beginning of the rebuilding process.

When you look around downtown Main Street, there are some cute, quaint shops tucked away in the corners. Not to mention, friendly faces welcoming you inside, like Andrya Rytter at Level 7 Salon.

“It takes a village, that’s for sure,” said Rytter.

However, it hasn't always been easy for the humble salon owner.

"It was really tough for everybody on Main Street, especially those of us in the building," Rytter said.

"It was a day none of us will ever forget -- July 22, 2016," said Brittany Caldwell with the Bothell Chamber of Commerce.

Around 4 a.m. that summer day, neighbors woke up to a massive fire on Main Street. Two large buildings downtown burned to the ground. One of them was Bothell Mall, which was home to a bunch of shops.

"There were actually more businesses than anyone really realized," said Caldwell.

Twenty-five businesses were affected, including Rytter's salon. Since then, the community's stood strong together.

"Every business owner on this street has become a friend, and they've just been there, held us up, and supported us this whole time," said Rytter.

And now, not even a year later, the town is still picking up the pieces and officially reopening some of those businesses and getting a "fresh cut", a new beginning going forward.

"We are excited about the groundbreaking and are hopeful people will continue to support these businesses throughout construction," said Caldwell.

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