Seattle robbery suspect Cassandra Brondum aka ‘Little One’ booked into King County jail

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SEATTLE — April 8, 2017

Cassandra Brondum aka ‘Little One’ is being held on $125,000 bail in the King County jail after being booked Friday at 6:09 pm.  King County Prosecutors have charged her with Robbery in the First Degree.

Seattle Police say she was with two other suspects on January 11, 2016, when one of them carved a large slice along the right side of his face during a robbery. The victim jumped from a moving Suburban to escape and ran into an AM\PM store at 14424 Greenwood Av N. in Seattle for help.  He told detectives he had met Brondum on the bus earlier in the day and made plans to meet up with her later that evening.  Court documents show at 11:45 pm, the two of them got into the front seat of a blue Suburban just South of 220th on Hwy 99. It was being driven by a man Brondum referred to as ‘her dad.”

He told detectives that the driver took him to the Emerald Motel where he was staying so he could get his ID to rent a room for him and Brondum at Andy’s Motel in Edmonds. The victim told police they were driving northbound on Greenwood Av N in Seattle when a man grabbed him around his neck with one arm from behind and placed a large-bladed knife under his throat.  Police say Brondum ordered the victim to give them his drugs and money.  He said she started to go through his pockets and stole his backpack and cell phone.  The victim was able to open the door of the SUV and yell for help which police say a witness pumping gas confirmed. He jumped out just past the gas station and ran inside to call police.

Brondum was later interviewed in May while she was in custody on an unrelated matter. Detectives say she admitted to the robbery and identified the other two suspects including one of who was her boyfriend, Joshua Munoz who is currently in custody. She claimed Munoz had planned the robbery and was in the back seat wearing a black ski mask. Afterward, she said they tried to hide the Suburban which was later impounded by police. Charging documents say officers collected blood evidence from inside the vehicle. The Washington State Patrol Crime Lab matched the DNA profile to the victim’s blood.

A $100,000 warrant was issued for Brondum’s arrest after she failed to appear in court for her arraignment on August 8, 2016.  Brondum also has a pending charge in King County Superior Court for Taking a Motor Vehicle without Permission in the Second Degree.

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