Hikers rescued off mountain after marriage proposal

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**EMBARGO: Phoenix, AZ** George Begalla proposed to Katie Woodford on Camelback Mountain, but miniutes later they had to be flown off the mountain after they fell sick.

PHOENIX – Phoenix fire crews had to use a helicopter to rescue not just one, but two hikers from the top of Camelback Mountain Thursday afternoon. And the rescue came minutes after the man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.

The two rescues came within an hour of each other, KTVK reported.

“A proposal she wasn’t expecting ended up with a surprise helicopter ride,” George Begalla said.

Begalla and Katie Woodford were on vacation in Phoenix from Ohio. Begalla wanted to take her to the top of Camelback Mountain and propose.

“She said yes. We hugged. We kissed. We got the round of applause. We were really excited and all of a sudden she started to say, ‘I’m not feeling good.’ I could see she was getting pale and she went down slow and asked for help,” Begalla said.

He said another hiker prayed with them while they waited for help to arrive. Woodford was airlifted off the mountain. Shortly after, first responders checked Begalla’s vitals and found his pulse was very high. He, too, was airlifted.

“I was absolutely terrified,” said Begalla. “I mean, I just proposed and I’m seeing the woman I love really suffering, and it definitely made me appreciate her more and I definitely think it brought us closer together.”

They both were taken to a Valley hospital. Woodford received IV fluids.But Begalla had yet another surprise up his sleeve.

“I got back to the hospital where she was. I was sitting there, so I Googled Valley of Fire, and she said that’s nice. And I said we should probably get married there and she’s like, ‘Are you serious?'” Begalla said. “And I said, ‘Why don’t you go ahead and text your best friend asking if you’re getting married this Sunday.'”

The pair is planning to tie the knot in Nevada this weekend.

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