Cat breaks free and spends five days living in Sea-Tac airport

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SEA-TAC, Wash. – An adventurous cat named Batman is back with her owner after living in hiding at Sea-Tac International Airport for five days.

Batman’s adventure began March 2, as cat and owner began a trip to Washington D.C. Pets that are set to board a plane have to come out of their carriers so the carrier can be inspected, and Batman somehow broke loose.

As cats will do, Batman bid a hasty retreat and soon was so deep in hiding that she couldn’t be found. A day later, somebody heard Batman meowing and figured out she had made her way into the ceiling through an opening.

Sea-Tac has a team of wildlife biologists who work on keeping birds and other animals away from runways, and they stepped in to help. They crawled in the ceiling and put out food and traps in hopes of luring Batman.

At 3 a.m. Wednesday, Batman wandered into a self-closing cage and was soon retrieved.

Batman stayed with a family friend for a few days, then flew back to Washington D.C. with a Port of Seattle employee who had already had a trip planned, and was reunited with her owner.

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