Dozens of high school students stuck in the Cascades by snowslide get a big welcome home

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MILL CREEK, Wash. — Dozens of families waited anxiously Monday for their kids to arrive at Jackson High School, after an avalanche left some of them trapped in the Cascades.

“I think it’s easier when you finally know when the end is going to be there,” said Principal Dave Peters.

Forty-two students on a field trip were stuck in the Cascades for several days because of an avalanche that blocked Highway 2.

We sat down with Eric Sager over the weekend as he was skyping his daughter Lily to make sure she was OK.

“We were excited for her to have this experience with her friends, but no one expected this,” said Sager.

Like many parents Monday, Sager waited patiently for the bus to pull in, and said all he kept thinking about was how excited he was to see his Lily.

“We are super close, and we love being with each other,” said Sager. “It’s fun to see her come off the bus.”

“Everybody is tired. Everybody is spent, but it’s in a good way,” said Peters.

All they could talk about now is how they will never forget this crazy experience.

According to Principal Peters, this whole experience was a learning lesson for them, but they believe they handled this scary situation the best way possible.

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