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Heavy rains spark rare ‘super bloom’ of wildflowers in California

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TEHACHAPI, Calif. —  After a brief period of drought-busting rain in January, Southern California is experiencing an early wildflower season that has enthusiasts very excited.

Colorful orange, yellow and white poppies have brought life to several desert and foothill regions that had been experiencing a five-year drought.

“Because of all the rain, most of the native wildflowers are all still in a vegetative mode. They are just putting on the green,” Timothy Krantz, a University of Redlands professor of environmental science and director of the botanic garden at the Oak Glen Preserve told the Orange County Register. “As soon as we get some hot, clear sunny days, that will be the trigger that puts them into blooming mode.”

Last month, Southern California experienced one of the hottest Februarys ever recorded.

Southern California has a long wildflower season lasting well into summer in the mountain ranges.

Below is a map of known areas for wildflower blooms: