Special Pet Who Could Be Your Good Luck Charm #WhyNotMePets

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SEATTLE -- One special pet may be your good luck charm. Lakshmi is named after the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's "Why Not Me Pets" campaign to help her find a new home.

Lakshmi’s previous owner surrendered her and another cat back in August, but her friend has already gotten adopted. “Since her roommate has moved on to a better places, she has really come out and shown her personality. So she greets people, she plays with a lot of different toys and she’s really affectionate. She really does like to cuddle,” says Pam Logan of the Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett.

She’s would prefer a home without little ones running around. But with a slow, proper introduction she could live with other cats. But she has to be fed separately because she has a urinary tract condition that requires her to eat a special diet. Despite her dietary requirement, she’s playful and loves her toys.

If you are interested in Lakshmi, you can stop by the Everett Animal Shelter. For more information, go to Everettwa.gov/animals.