Snow showers possible as cold, wet weather continues

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SEATTLE — Bad news, sun lovers.

The long, cold winter will continue this week, Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley says.

Lows will be near freezing with highs only in the 40s throughout the week. We’ll see passing showers which, depending on where you are, might come as snow.

“Some of the showers will have hail or snow or some kind of wintry precipitation as they pass by,” Kelley said.

But little accumulation is expected.

“We’re cold enough to get snow in the morning, but we don’t have a ton of moisture around us,” Kelley said.

Monday and Tuesday will start out dry but the afternoon will bring isolated storms. Sun breaks will come, but it will remain cold. Friday looks like the wettest day of the week, with both Friday and Saturday morning wet and gusty.

Two notes of good news however, Kelley says. First, the mountains are getting pummeled with snow, which means good ski conditions will remain.

“This has been the best ski season I can remember,” Kelley said.

And we’ve gained three hours of daylight since winter started. Though the cold winter is not yet over, it is getting lighter later.

“We now have 11 hours of day and 13 hours of night,” Kelley said.

Sure, we’re in the thick of another wet and cold spell. But there is light, and spring is just around the corner.

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