Boogie fever? Mayor of Auburn explains why she’s dancing all over town in new video

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SEATTLE — Auburn Mayor Nancy Backus took a dancing tour of the city recently — and she explained what led to the attention-grabbing video.

“The real point of the video is to highlight our city,” she said in an interview on Q13 News Monday night. She added that the city of Auburn has “a great multimedia department” and that she wanted to do something fun before the State of the City address.

“Just a fun way to highlight our city,” she said. “Economic development is important to our city” and the more people who move into the city create a larger tax base, providing money to improve the city.

She said taxpayer money was used from the city’s multimedia department budget to produce the video, but said it was simply the cost of employee time — she danced in front of a green screen, and a multimedia city employee took the shots and put it together, she said.

The full video is below: