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Aquarium returns Seattle octopus back to the Puget Sound

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SEATTLE -- Pancake was returned to the Puget Sound Saturday. A team of divers from the Seattle Aquarium released the giant Pacific octopus as part of Octopus Week.

The aquarium collects its octopuses in the Puget Sound every year then releases them anywhere between six months to a year later. The aquarium had Pancake for about three months.

"We returned him back to the sound to find a mate and have the opportunity to pass along his genes and make sure our local population is healthy," explained Lindsay Holladay with the Seattle Aquarium.

Normally, every Valentine's Day the aquarium sets up a blind date for a pair octopuses before setting them free, but this year their plan hit a little road bump when it turned out the girl octopus, Raspberry, was already pregnant.

Raspberry was set free on Tuesday.


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