Ex-crewman says cause of Seattle-based crab boat’s sinking in Bering Sea may never be known

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The brother of a crewman aboard a crab boat missing and presumed sunk in the Bering Sea says it’s likely no one will ever know what went wrong.

Dylan Hatfield says a number of factors probably contributed to a capsizing Saturday morning of the 98-foot crab boat Destination with six crewmen on board.

Hatfield spent parts of seven seasons on the boat, and when he left, he was replaced by his brother, 36-year-old Darrik Seibold.

Hatfield says the boat may have iced up from sea spray freezing in 20-degree temperatures. He says a pump may have failed in tanks that hold water and help stabilize the ship in rough water.

Crew members disappeared without sending out a mayday call. Hatfield says that likely means the boat sank quickly.