Shoreline neighbors vigilant after 6 burglaries in two days

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SHORELINE, Wash. – Two quiet neighborhoods are now dealing with a recent rash of burglaries — six break-ins in just two nights in Shoreline.

Wednesday night, three homes were hit on 168th Street and 21st Avenue NE.  The next night, three more burglaries happened on the 16100 block of Midvale Avenue NE.

“They broke the glass and they were able to put their hand through and open the lock,” said burglary victim John Fleming.

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Wednesday night, the Flemings came home to a smashed-in back side door after Shoreline police say they were burglarized. The Flemings say the burglars went through every nook of their home, but surprisingly…

“We did inventory and we haven’t found anything missing yet,” said burglary victim Kathleen Fleming.

Burglars didn’t steal laptops, iPads, or cash.

“I had jewelry sitting on my dresser and it was left behind so I don’t know what this was about,” said Kathleen.

The same thing happened to two other homes in this neighborhood Wednesday night.  A neighbor just across the street went through their home security footage.  Based on the time of the burglary, neighbors think this might be the guy behind the break-ins.  In the footage you can see a shadowy figure walking on the sidewalk.

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“It was actually pretty nerve-wracking,” said neighbor Dorina Hester.

The first thing you notice when you walk into this area is this neighborhood watch sign and it’s not just a sign but on social media -- and residents here are active.

“We’re pretty good friends with our neighbors so as soon as he said what happened on Facebook, everyone started responding,” said Hester.

It’s a private Facebook group called ‘21st Ave NE Block Watch.’  Kathleen Fleming posted about her burglary on the group.  Now neighbor Michael Sweeney is taking notice and calling the cops after seeing someone who looked out of place.

“He just hopped over the fence and was just kind of going onto the property. I just got this vibe that he may or may not live there so I called the authorities and they came and checked it out,” said Sweeney.

The next night after the Flemings were hit, three homes were burglarized in another neighborhood just two and a half miles away.  Shoreline police say it’s hard to know if it’s the same burglars, but there are similar trends.  All six burglaries included someone going through a back door and breaking-in.  What’s unusual is the most burglaries happen during the day, but in these Shoreline cases, the burglars hit between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and it doesn’t look like they took anything.

Shoreline police say it isn’t unusual for burglary victims to realize months later that something was actually taken.  He says thieves could have been looking for things very specific like certain paperwork or prescription pills.

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