McDonald’s is testing a snow crab sandwich in Silicon Valley

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McDonald’s is making their menu a little fancier. The burger giant is now testing a new snow crab sandwich at four locations in San Jose, California.

The crab sandwich mixes snow crabmeat with diced celery and seasoned dressing. It’s also served with romaine lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted sourdough bun.

If people like the crab sandwich, McDonald’s said Thursday that it will start serving it at about 250 restaurants around the Bay Area later in the year.

McDonald’s has been encouraging locations countrywide to experiment with more dishes beloved by locals, reports Mashable. Milwaukee stores have served bratwurst, many in Southern California have added a Pesto Mozzarella Melt and parts of Texas and Ohio have tested a bigger version of the Big Mac called the “Grand Mac.”

The move to create the snow crab sandwich was spurred by the success of the chain’s regionally exclusive Gilroy Garlic Fries, which were sold out in Bay Area stores last May.

Would you try the McDonald’s crab sandwich?

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