Netflix wants to get into the toy business

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NEW YORK — Will we soon be able to buy Frank and Claire Underwood action figures?

Orange jumpsuits from Litchfield Correctional Facility?

Daredevil’s batons?

“Stranger Things”-branded Eggo waffles?

Netflix, which has found critical and business success with original shows such as “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black,” wants to sell licensed merchandise and toys.

The company has posted a job opening for a “senior manager, licensing, merchandising and promotion” and signaled it wants to plunge into fan swag. It said it is looking to sell books, comics, gaming toys, collectibles, soundtracks and apparel tied to its shows.

“We are pursuing consumer products and associated promotion because we believe it will drive meaningful show awareness/buzz,” said the posting. “We want licensed merchandise to help promote our titles so they become part of the zeitgeist for longer periods of time.”

The idea is not new, of course. Disney started a chain of stores to sell stuffed animals and other character merchandise, for example. Netflix doesn’t have such a child-targeted lineup, but it does have a loyal fan base that has helped it grow to more than 93 million subscribers.

“We’re looking to establish a licensing and merchandising approach to help amplify fervor around key titles by developing new channels for consumers and communities to interact with Netflix,” the posting said.

Can replicas of Queen Elizabeth II’s crown be far behind?

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