Oregon school district bans Confederate flag after fight

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COLUMBIA, SC - APRIL 6: Confederate flag supporters demonstrate on the north steps of the capitol building 06 April, 2000 in Columbia, SC. The US southern state is split into two factions -- those for and those against the Confederate flag remaining above the capitol building. The "Get in Step with the People of South Carolina" march, led by Charleston, SC, mayor Joe Riley, started in Charleston on 02 April, 2000 and proceeded approximately 120 miles to the captial of Columbia to protest the flag's placement above the capitol. (Photo credit should read ERIK PEREL/AFP/Getty Images)

NORTH BEND, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon school district banned the Confederate flag from school property following a fight between two girls, one of whom was wearing a hat that included the symbol.

North Bend Superintendent Bill Yester says the punches were thrown last week at the high school campus. Neither student has been disciplined as of yet and there were no serious injuries.

Yester contends the ban doesn’t violate free expression because schools have the legal authority to provide an environment free of harassment, and district policy allows principals to prohibit clothing that distracts from the educational process.

The World newspaper of Coos Bay reports protesters unhappy with the new policy were outside North Bend High on Monday, holding up Confederate flags, a Gadsden flag and the flag of the United States.

Rumors that the school district banned the American flag were incorrect.

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