One week after protests almost shut down SeaTac, travelers share their thoughts

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About 3,000 protest Trump’s immigration ban at Sea-Tac International Airport on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

SEATAC, Wash. – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was back to business Saturday, one week after massive protests tried to shut down the airport. Travelers shared their opinions on the president’s executive order and the restraining order put in place Friday night.

“Everybody has a right to protest, but there’s a place to do it and there’s a time to do it,” said Howard Cornehl. “I think impeding people is not the right place.”

Cornehl and his wife Nan were waiting for their ride at Seatac on Saturday afternoon. They said they supported the travel restrictions and still support the president.

“I don’t think it is unconstitutional,” said Cornehl. “People do not have the right to be in the United States. It is a privilege to come here.”

As a veteran, Cornehl said he has seen what America is up against, “look what’s happened to Europe,” he said. Cornehl would like to see strict border security and a strict vetting process for visas and travel.

“I was a little offended,” said Devon Newton, about the travel bans. “I believe we’re incredibly safe in this country and obviously we need to not let just anybody in, but an outright ban makes us seem paranoid.”

Newton was glad to learn a federal judge from Seattle overturned the travel ban, and so was Lindsay Clark, who sang at President Trump’s inauguration.

“I did not support the candidate that won, but he’s my president and I want him to succeed because I want America to be amazing,” she said. Clark said the fact a president can be held to the power of our courts shows America is working, despite what protesters may be chanting.

“I believe that’s what makes America great,” she said.

Nan Cornehl said she is scared it all puts America at risk. “What Trump did is not extreme, I think what he did was very appropriate and I do believe he had the good of the country and we need that, we need to feel safe,” she said.

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