Man poses as FBI agent, steals $130,000 from Seattle financial business, police say

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SEATTLE — A man posed as an FBI agent to get into a Seattle business and steal nearly $130,000 from a safe, according to Seattle police. That man even stole the surveillance footage that captured the incident.

The heist was first reported by Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Here's the account given in the police report obtained by Q13 News:

The suspect knocked on a security gate just after a man inside was closing the business around 7 p.m. on Jan. 25. The suspect, dressed in a suit, flashed a badge and claimed to be with the FBI. The worker let the man inside the money transfer business on S. Jackson Street to see what he wanted.

The suspect told the employee that he had a "bad transaction" and wanted to see what transactions had posted that day. The employee started to get suspicious and asked for proof of why the suspect was there. The suspect then pulled out a sheet of paper titled "search warrant."

He went to the back of the business and asked to look inside some boxes that were behind a metal gate. When the employee started asking questions, the suspect pulled out a handgun and demanded he open the safe.

The employee opened the safe, which was inside a metal cage on the floor, and took out $128,259.10 in cash.

The suspect put the cash into a black backpack and asked about surveillance footage. He then had the employee remove the CPU containing the video.

The worker said the suspect was prepared. Before leaving, he put on gloves, took out a lock and put it on the gate, locking the worker inside. He then left on foot, walking south through the parking lot.

Another employee told police that he was working the night before when a man knocked on a security gate and asked if they cashed checks. He said they did not and the man left.

Investigators are working to determine if that man may have been the same person who robbed the business.

No description of the suspect was given.