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Frequent flier perk disappearing? TSA Pre✔️ change impacts travelers who don’t sign up

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SEATTLE — Frequent fliers may no longer get a free upgrade to the TSA PreCheck security lines at airports across the country. The Transportation Security Administration is reducing the number of non-vetted passengers who can receive the PreCheck screening without signing up.

Since 2011, some travelers could go through lines without enrolling in the program. Many of them were travelers known to the airlines and were eligible on a flight-by-flight basis, according to the TSA.

In an email, TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers said “This practice is being curtailed; TSA will significantly reduce the number of non-enrolled travelers who are eligible for TSA PreCheck.”

Travelers can sign-up for PreCheck at a cost of $85 for five years. Last month, the TSA reports that 97% of passengers got through the screening lanes in less than 5 minutes. Dankers said 12 million people are part of the enrolled/vetted population using the program.