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Watch Marshawn Lynch deliver Skittles in Houston (Scotland) ahead of Super Bowl 51

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Who better to be an ambassador for the Super Bowl than former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch?

Skittles sent Beast Mode to Houston ahead of Super Bowl 51. Houston, Scotland that is.

“You know it’s in Houston right?” Beast Mode asked one person. “Not this Houston. But the other Houston. I heard this Houston was the first Houston.”

Lynch, riding a bike with a bag of Skittles in front, passed out his signature sideline snack and asked locals if they’d be watching the Super Bowl this year… in the other Houston.

“Remember Beast Mode slid through Scotland. He gave you something to make sure you can enjoy the game while watching too.”

Beast Mode took part in some local activities, like bagpipes and sword fighting.

“Are you kidding? People stay up until ridiculous o’clock in the morning, take days off from work (to watch),” one woman said.