It’s time to dig out the windshield scraper again

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UserName:Paulomito Photography PhoneNumber: Description:The Walla Walla Ferry and a Beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains in the background during sunrise.

SEATTLE – Snow? Maybe a little.

Ice? Probably.

Cold, wind and sun? Absolutely.

Freezing temperatures will return this week, Q13 News meteorologist Walter Kelley said, with icy roads expected throughout Western Washington and snow a possibility outside the Seattle metro area.

“Updates to follow on the threat of snow, but right now it looks like there won’t be any north of Olympia,” Kelley said. “The lows starting Wednesday morning will be into the 20s, so we could see some icy roads overnight and into the morning commutes.”

Kelley said to expect lots of sun, but highs won’t get much above the low 40s.

He also said he expects strong winds up north, and said “the wind chills in Bellingham will get pretty cold.”

Temperatures are expected to grow more mild over the weekend, with rain in the lowlands and snow in the mountains.

“For all of you space junkies, the next three nights just can west in the evening hours and will see Mars, Venus and a sliver moon,” Kelley said. “Enjoy.”

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