Senator Patty Murray condemns immigration ban; Sea-Tac quiet Sunday

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About 3,000 protest Trump’s immigration ban at Sea-Tac International Airport on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

SEATAC, Wash. — The Port of Seattle says no one is detained at Sea-Tac airport under President Trump’s executive order, but that hasn’t stopped people from protesting at the airport.

Senator Patty Murray also made a stop at the airport to speak to families of those detained and get a timeline of what happened, so she can take the information back to Washington D.C. and discuss how to prevent something like this from happening again.

“The confusion and the feeling that they don’t know what’s going on is appalling and un-American,” said Senator Patty Murray, D-Washington.

Murray said she met with the families affected by the ban.

Two of them were released Sunday morning. One had to return to Vienna. Port of Seattle commissioners stood by Sen. Murray. also expressing concern over what they call a lack of communication regarding how to carry out the executive order.

“We tried everything in our power when we found families and individuals impacted to get them access to legal representation and that we could take care of them the best that we could,” said Courtney Gregoire, a Port of Seattle commissioner.

Despite protests and opposition over the ban, some travelers say they support it.

“I want you to be safe; I want my family to be safe; I want everybody to feel safe, and we’ve seen an escalation of violence in this country we’ve never seen before,” said John French, a traveler stopped on his way to Texas.

French says he already feels safer thanks to President Trump.

“I think with all that’s going on in the world security-wise that it’s time to put things on hold for the time-being and figure out what’s happening  as far as controlling who’s coming into this country,” said French.

However, the Port of Seattle officials say they have yet to get further information about how to handle other potential travelers. Senator Murray says that’s one of the questions she wants to address when she heads back to D.C.