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Friends remember young man who was run over, killed while trying to stop car prowl

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Mo Radcliffe, 22, was run over and killed while trying to stop a car prowl in Beaver Lake Park in Sammamish last week.

SAMMAMISH, Wash. — As detectives hunt for the suspect responsible for killing a Seattle cop’s son in a Sammamish park, the victim’s friends are expressing their pain.

Brooke Duncan laughs through the tears, reminiscing about the good times with Mo Radcliffe, a friend she will never see again.

“Someone that was such a bright light (and his life) … was snuffed out because somebody wanted a debit card and car,” Duncan said.

Anger consumes her knowing that a petty crime, a car prowl, escalated and cost her friend's life at just 22 years old.

“It’s grief-stricken a lot of people,” Duncan said.

The King County Sheriff's Office says Mo and his girlfriend had just walked his dog at Beaver Lake Park when he saw someone smashing into his car. Detectives say Mo confronted the car prowler, so the suspect jumped into an SUV and started to speed toward the victim. Mo fired his gun in self-defense, the sheriff's office says, but the vehicle struck him and dragged him for 50 yards. The victim's girlfriend saw the entire incident.

“It really does break my heart that she had to be a witness to that,” Duncan said.

At Beaver Lake Park on Friday, people left behind flowers, cards and some of Mo’s favorite things.

“I brought him a Coca Cola drink we always drank,” said friend Robert Stevenson II.

Stevenson said he had been friends with Mo since the first grade, shortly after Mo was adopted from Guatemala.

“You knew him for 30 seconds and you wanted to be his friend,” Stevenson said.

Friends say Mo loved his parents. His father is a veteran Seattle police officer and his mother is a school teacher.

“The day they brought him home and how excited Mo was, they did a wonderful job raising him and gave him everything he would have wanted,” Duncan said.

A loving family shattered over a senseless crime.

“What his parents are going through I can’t fathom; parents shouldn’t have to lose a child,” Duncan said.

Friends are hoping the person or people responsible are caught soon.

Detectives are asking witnesses to call in with any tips.

They also want the public to be on the lookout for a gold SUV with possible bullet holes in the front.