Senate Democrats will try to force vote on school levy bill

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — Senate Democrats say they will try to force a vote on a bill related to local school levies unless the Senate Republicans, who have temporarily lost their majority, work with them.

Democratic Sen. Marko Liias, minority floor leader, announced on the Senate floor Thursday that Democrats would take to the floor Friday with all 24 of their members.

The Senate Republican majority, which includes a Democrat who caucuses with them, is currently down to 24 members because one of their senators resigned this week to take a job with the administration of President Donald Trump.

Another Republican senator has also accepted a temporary position and is currently in Washington, D.C., leaving Republicans with only 23 members available to vote this week.

While Democrats just need a majority of those present to move something to the floor, they need at least 25 votes to pass it.