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State lawmakers to consider raising speed limit to 75 mph on two stretches of I-90

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — The state is once again considering raising the speed limit on two stretches of Interstate 90 in Eastern Washington.

SB 5053 would keep the speed limit at 60 mph on state highways except for Interstate 90, which would have a maximum speed limit of 75 mph from Ellensburg to milepost 120, and between George and the Spokane County border.

The state Department of Transportation has previously considered raising the speed limit from 70 to 75 mph between George and the western border of Spokane County.

WSDOT then held several meetings to gather public comment, but ultimately decided against raising the speed limit because of public safety concerns.

Their 2016 analysis found the increased risks and costs associated with the proposed change far outweighed the projected time savings.

It predicted an additional 1.27 fatal or serious crashes annually if the speed limit was raised. A higher speed limit also would bring an estimated $8.3 million in additional annual safety costs.