Parents outraged after Arizona principal and teacher’s Trump parody skit (VIDEO)

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ANTHEM, Ariz. — The principal of Boulder Creek High School in Anthem and one of her staffers are on paid leave after putting on a skit parodying the new president of the United States.

KPHO reports in the skit, which was first performed live for the school’s staff, Principal Lauren Sheahan portrayed Kellyanne Conway, President Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

Jay Kopas, the school’s athletic director, acted as Trump, saying things like, “keep those moron parents and weak and loser students out.”

Among other things, the skit included a bit on building a wall, a dig at the school board and called out staff members by name.

The nearly 7-minute performance was recorded and emailed to the school’s faculty. That video was leaked to parents, many of whom were somewhat less than amused, and has been posted to YouTube.

“I don’t think it’s funny at all. Actually, I’m completely offended by it,” Dawn Rundle, whose daughter is a student at Boulder Creek, said. “My first reaction was to go over to Boulder Creek and talk to Mrs. Sheahan personally and ask her what her reasoning was behind that.”

“The Anthem community is outraged by this video and its insults,” a parent who helped launch a petition demanding the removal of Sheahan and Kopas said. “The administration of Boulder Creek High School have [sic] no right to make a video like this using tax payers money by using on campus media equipment and making the video on campus. This is meant to be funny but has offend [sic] a large majority of the community ot [sic] to mention a complete embarrassment to Boulder Creek High School and to the Deer Valley School District. Sheahan and Kopas need to be held accountable for their actions.

“The community is mad,” the “Make Boulder Creek Great Again” petition, which was started over the weekend, reads. “This has given Anthem and Boulder Creek High School a terrible image. Something must be done.”

As of 7 a.m. Tuesday, the petition had more than 370 of the 500 signatures parents were hoping to gather.

In a letter sent on Sunday afternoon, Sheahan said she is “deeply sorry to anyone who was offended.”

In that letter, Sheahan said that the “intent was to share it only with the staff and connect the satirical skit to our work ahead of the rest of the school year.” She also said that the skit shouldn’t viewed as a political statement.

The district said it was unaware of the video until media outlets began asking about it. The skit though is not something they endorse. When asked whether the principal and staff member would face any sort of disciplinary action as a result of this the spokesperson said they were still looking into the matter.

“The administrators in question have been placed on leave with pay pending an investigation,” Monica Allread, a spokeswoman for the district, told our Amanda Goodman in an email.

Established in 2004, Boulder Creek High School is part of Deer Valley Unified School District No. 97 and serves more than 2,600 students.

Sheahan has been with the school since 2008.

Kopas, who also teaches American history, has been at Boulder Creek for 10 years. He was with the district for three years before starting at Boulder Creek.