Former President George H.W. Bush to be moved out of ICU; Barbara Bush released

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(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

President George H.W. Bush will be moved out of the Houston Methodist Hospital Intensive Care Unit on Monday but he will remain in the hospital for now, his doctor said in a news conference.

“A Friday discharge might be a little bit optimistic,” Dr. Clint Doerr told reporters. “It’s a bit of a moving target.”

Former First Lady Barbara Bush has been discharged from the hospital, her doctor said at that same news conference.

The former president’s doctors said he is in good spirits, as well as sitting up and watching television.

The 92-year-old was admitted to the hospital January 14 to address a respiratory issue stemming from pneumonia.

“He’s a really strong person though he’s not your average 92 year-old,” said Dr. Amy Mynderse.

Barbara Bush was hospitalized due to viral bronchitis and exhaustion from taking being in the hospital with her husband. Her doctors say she was kept in the hospital for a couple of days as a precaution, but she is back to her normal self.

The former first family’s doctor’s say Mrs. Bush has made an effort to be by her husband’s side, despite her condition.

“They truly do have such an amazing love for each other,” Mynderse said.