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Hundreds take to streets for anti-Trump marches, rallies in Seattle, Olympia, Portland

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SEATTLE -- Hundreds of people marched from Seattle's Capitol Hill and Central District neighborhoods Friday toward downtown for an immigrant and refugee rights rally and to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Carrying signs that said "Fight Racism & Sexism" and "Resist Trump," people from separate earlier rallies were walking to meet at Westlake Park downtown Friday afternoon. Later in the evening, another anti-Trump rally was expected.

Later in the evening, another anti-Trump rally was expected.

Seattle Police later tweeted a photo of weapons they had found at the demonstration.

The Seattle demonstrations were part of other gatherings in Portland and Olympia, following Trump's inauguration earlier in the day.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Friday that Trump "does not share Seattle's values."

In a statement, the day Trump was inaugurated as the nation's 45th president, Murray said Trump had made immigrants and refugees afraid and "we will not stand idly by as our neighbors, friends, and family face policies that undermine their safety, security, and freedom."

Seattle police later tweeted a photo of weapons they found on people clad all in black at the demonstration in Westlake Park.

Murray said the city will spend $250,000 to help provide legal and other assistance to immigrants and refugees.

Murray had previously joined other Democratic mayors of major U.S. cities in saying they would do all they can to protect residents from deportation, despite the possibility that Trump could potentially withhold potentially millions of dollars in taxpayer money if they do not cooperate with federal authorities.

Students walk out

About 300 students at several Seattle high schools walked out of class about noon Friday as part of a broader protest against Trump.

An Inauguration Day student rally was planned for Friday afternoon at Seattle Central College Plaza. Among the high schools that saw students exit for the rally were Roosevelt, Ingraham, and Garfield.

A separate, evening rally was planned at Westlake park in downtown.

Hundreds protest in Olympia and Portland

In Olympia, about 200 protesters gathered on the Capitol steps carrying signs that included "Resist Trump" and "Not My President."

Later Olympia police reported that about 100 people marched through downtown, causing some traffic disruptions.

Protesters in Olympia setting American flag on fire (Photo courtesy of viewer Terri Blazell-Wayson)

Protesters in Olympia setting American flag on fire (Photo courtesy of viewer Terri Blazell-Wayson)

In Portland, a small group of protesters burned American flags on a main square in downtown Portland to protest Trump.

The protesters at first had trouble getting flags to burn Friday afternoon because of the rain. Using lighter fluid, they burned at least half a dozen flags.

Hundreds of other protesters had also gathered on the square. Many were getting ready for a march that was expected to attract thousands. Also on the square were a couple of men sitting in cross-legged position. They had a sign reading "group meditation can save the world."

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