Police: Elderly man sleeping in bed killed as stray bullet rips into home

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SEATAC, Wash. – A 74-year-old man has died after being shot by a stray bullet that ripped into his home early Thursday morning.

Police believe the shooter may have been targeting his next door neighbor’s house.

Neighbors said they woke up to the sound of gunfire around midnight.

One home and a couple of cars were riddled with bullets but police said the 74-year-old man next living door was struck by a stray bullet while he was sleeping in bed.

“I love him,” said Giau Truong.

The emotion on his face showed the pain he felt after learning his friend died after being shot in his own home.

“He’s a good guy, he’s a good guy,” he said.

King County sheriff’s deputies said several neighbors called 911 when gunfire rattled the SeaTac neighborhood on 26th Avenue South.

Police arrived to find a home riddled with bullet holes; the two cars in the parking lot were also damaged by gunfire.

One woman living at the home told Q13 News she does not know why her house was targeted, but that no one was injured.

But next door, police said a sleeping 74-year-old man was shot in the head. Investigators said the bullet that went through his house was likely a stray.

“I think that’s awful, that’s terrible,” said neighbor Don Springs.

“It sounded like somebody beating on our house all the way around it,” said Don’s wife, Judy. “That’s so sad.”

At first police did not know the elderly man had been shot until they got another call to 911 minutes after deputies arrived.

The 74-year-old was taken to Harborview but he died from his injuries around 6 o’clock Thursday morning, according to deputies.

Police said a neighbor reported seeing someone running away from the scene moments after the shooting, but so far investigators have not released a description for a suspect or a motive for the shooting.

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