It’s finally warmer — but here comes the rain, with potential for river flooding, avalanches

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Seattle's Green Lake was frozen on Monday morning. (Photo: Walter Kelley)

SEATTLE  —  Ahhh, soak in the warmth.

Temperatures finally have risen into the 40s and may hit 50 or 51 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday, but it’s going to be wet and windy for the next couple of days.

Q13 Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said the Seattle and Tacoma areas will only see about an inch of rain over the next 48-hour period, but several inches are likely to fall across the Olympic Peninsula and in the North Cascades. River flooding will be possible on the Olympic Peninsula, and rain falling on heavy snowpack in the mountain could result in avalanches.

The Summit at Snoqualmie announced it was going to cut back to only limited operations Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday, too.

Back in the lowlands, Kelley said, "We're going to have sloppy commutes as we go into Tuesday night and Wednesday morning."

The winds will be gusty, especially up around Bellingham and at the coast. Gusts there will be around 45 mph, Kelley said. The Metro will be gusty but more like 35 mph late Tuesday into Wednesday.

"Rain on top of snow means delays and closures in the passes due to avalanche concerns," he said. "The snow level jumps to 7,000 feet for the first time since October."

Thursday and the weekend will be colder and drier. It will be cold enough to get some “high hill snow” during the morning hours this weekend.

High temperatures will approach seasonal norms in the mid 40s again but rain continues in a more "showery nature" through the weekend.

The Summit at Snoqualmie issued this statement Monday night:

"We've been enjoying absolutely incredible conditions and beautiful weather for weeks. Things change in the mountains though, and in anticipation of a short burst of heavy rain and freezing rain we plan to adjust operations for Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

Details for Tuesday, January 17, 2017

  • Alpental - Closed
  • Summit Central - Limited ops
    • Chairs operating: Central Express, Holiday, Triple 60
    • Silver Fir - Closed for the day
    • No night skiing. Summit Central will close at 4pm

Details for Wednesday - January 18, 2017

We hope to be back to our regularly scheduled program by Wednesday, but there is a small chance Alpental could be closed Wednesday as well. Most likely Summit Central and Silver Fir will be back to regular operations on Wednesday. Stay tuned."

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