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Accused wrong-way driver who nearly killed young man on I-5 surrenders

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FUGITIVE UPDATE February 1, 2017 —
Cyneetra Brady has been booked into the Pierce County Jail where she is being held on $50,000 bail for one count Vehicular Assault and Driving While License Suspended. She previously surrendered on January 24th but but was declined admittance because of a medical condition.

Her family says she was taken to a local hospital for treatment and advised to return to surrender on her warrant once she was cleared medically.

A driver suspected of being high on PCP and marijuana goes the wrong way down the freeway in Pierce County -- slamming into a young man's car and almost killing him.

The crash happened last July and now, the woman who troopers say caused it -- is on the run after not showing up to court.

Cyneetra Brady has a warrant for her arrest after she was charged with vehicular assault and driving on a suspended license.

The driver of the vehicle who troopers say she hit -- is still recovering from his injuries.

The photos of the crash on I-5 south in Pierce County are horrific: A mangled Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mazda 3 sedan -- both with crushed front ends -- after troopers say Cyneetra Brady hit Kit Paul Lariosa head-on.

Prosecutors say Brady's blood test tested positive for PCP and marijuana.

"What she did to me is really unacceptable.” The crash broke Kit Paul's right foot and caused a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma and spent a month in the hospital. "I cannot work, I cannot go to school." He still has memory issues and is in physical therapy. "What's it like to see yourself like that on video? It was sad. it was really, really sad. I would say, ‘Oh, my God." He doesn't even remember the video taken by his mom. All of this is so difficult for him, because this is a young man who was always on the go, working out and playing volleyball. "I needed help just to stand up. That's crazy. Real life-changing what happened to me."

Before the crash, he was studying at Pierce College with plans to become a doctor. Now, after all he's been through, he wants to be a therapist. "Touches me in the way they're helping people in how to walk."

His family rallied around him after he was hurt, even quitting their jobs to help take care of him, but all of this could have been prevented. "I think the public needs to be concerned about impairment and impaired driving. That is the greater lesson in the case," said Washington State Trooper Brooke Bova. “ She’s a Drug Recognition Expert and says combining Cannibas with PCP would greatly impact a driver's ability to make good judgments. "Some of the impairment factors and some of the affects you will see when somebody uses PCP, is that they have kind of an out of body experience. We call it ‘Moonwalking.’"

A witness told troopers that Brady's vehicle was switching lanes and driving northbound more than 60 miles an hour  in the southbound lane before the crash. Troopers say Brady told an investigator at the scene she had an "entire blunt of marijuana."

She's been busted before for dangerous driving and now -- she could be out there on the roads again.

Kit paul Lariosa is hoping somebody will help get her caught. "I will feel much better that no one is going to get hurt like I did. It's real life changing what happened to me."

If you can tell the Washington State Patrol where to find Cyneetra Brady,

submit the information via the P3 Tips App to Crime Stoppers or call 1-800-222-tips (8477).

You could be in line for up to a $1,000 cash reward if your information leads to his arrest.


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