Richard Sherman confident ahead of playoffs: ‘Like a new season … you need 4 wins and it’s all yours’

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RENTON, Wash. — Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says he believes the team still has “a chip on our shoulder” like before the 2014 Super Bowl and is “as confident as ever” as it prepares for the playoffs starting Saturday.

“The playoffs is like a new season. It’s like pushing a reset button. It gives everybody a clean slate, a chance to go after it. You need four wins, and it’s all yours. It’s a fun time,” Sherman said in an exclusive, three-part interview with Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine that aired Thursday night.

Part 2 of the interview will air on Q13 News on Friday night and Part 3 will air before the game on Saturday.

The NFC West Champion Seahawks will face the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card round of the playoffs at CenturyLink Field on Saturday.

It was noted that the Seahawks have never won three playoff games to get to a Super Bowl before.

“Well, I mean, before we got here, the Seahawks had never won a Super Bowl. So, I mean, we’ve always been the kind of team to do things this organization isn’t accustomed to,” he said.

Asked if he thought this team has a chip on its shoulder like the Super Bowl-winning team from three years ago, Sherman replied, “I do, I do. I think outside of this locker room and outside of this organization, people have become complacent, and kind of fat, and unappreciative of our contributions and what we’ve done and how hard it is to do what we’ve done over the past five years.

“So yes, I still think we have a chip on our shoulder and as confident as ever,” he added. “We just don’t really listen to the outside noise.”

Sherman said he couldn’t really compare this year’s team to the one three years ago.

“It’s always hard to compare teams because it’s different people. It’s comparing two different styles of people at times. It’s just different – still great players, still great guys.”

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