Puyallup man stabbed in neck day after proposing to girlfriend in New York City

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NEW YORK — A perfect marriage proposal in New York City had a scary ending to the romantic weekend.

A 23-year-old man Puyallup, Washington man was stabbed after flying in to NYC to pop the question to his girlfriend.

It was a perfectly romantic trip to new york city for Connor Rasmussen, 23 , who had made a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, 22-year-old Jordan Asher.

Rasmussen flew in along with family and friends, so they all could witness the magical moment on friday in Central Park when he proposed.

“I didn’t know that he was coming to surprise me and proposed to me and I didn’t know that he was even there,” Asher told CBS New York.

Over the weekend, the couple and their friends celebrated. But around 1:45 a.m. Sunday at 46th and Madison, Rasmussen got a taste of the worst of the city.

“He dropped me off at my hotel and a group of our friends were walking back to their hotel and they wanted to get pizza next to it,” said Asher. “As he was walking back a man just came behind him literally stabbed him in the back of his head.”

The knife went in near his neck. Rasmussen managed to pull the knife out of his head, and incredibly suffered no serious injuries.

The attacker ran off down the block. Right now, police are reviewing surveillance video in an attempt to identify the suspect.

The attack appears random and it does not seem that robbery was a motive since nothing was taken.

As for the future newlyweds, Asher says the incident has not soured them on the city.

“I mean it can happen anywhere? It just happened to happen there,” said Asher.