‘Not my President’ protesters march through Portland

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President-elect Donald Trump will host a new round of rallies in the coming weeks to celebrate his 2016 election win, according to one of his top aides.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Just hours after Donald Trump was voted the President-elect by the Electoral College, protesters in Portland took to the streets to rally against the new administration.

The group Portland’s Resistance organized the rally and march, which started around 5:30 p.m. Monday. Soon, there appeared to be around 200 people comprising the group.

One woman told FOX 12 since the election, things have changed for her.

“I don’t feel very welcome here,” she said.

The woman brought her children to the rally and march in hopes they would take away a message.

“To stand up to against people that are just really rude and mean,” she said.

During the rally in the Park Blocks, the crowd heard from several people who addressed topics like rent control, gender equality and immigration.

After hearing from a handful of people the group took to the streets marching to Pioneer Courthouse Square where they heard from several more people, including Portland’s Resistance founder Gregory McKelvey.

Among the group was Meredith Rogen, she says Monday’s electoral vote was hard to see happen.

“I think it is a really sad day in our history, someone who is known for his racism and hate is now going to be the leader and I now really feel our democracy is dying,” Rogen said.

Following speeches at the square the group again took to the streets. They were blocked at 6th and Burnside by police. The two came toe-to-toe, police telling protesters the Burnside Bridge was closed as they were addressing an issue with someone on the bridge.

Protesters eventually turned around and marched back to PSU where they called it a night around 8:30 p.m.

No major roads were blocked and no one was arrested.

Event organizers said they are asking residents of Oregon and Washington to openly question Trump’s election and qualifications to serve as commander-in-chief, saying he has shown repeatedly that “he does not possess the character and decency to represent the diverse interests of the American people.”

The organizers also noted that they see the Electoral College as unjust, and seek a number of policy items, including alternatives to a Trump-Pence administration, release of the CIA information over possible Russian hacking during the election, a halt on the “political targeting” of Department of Energy staff working on clean energy and a rejection of “white supremacist and White House appointees Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon.”