Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle closed this weekend

Pete Carroll: Being a finishing team is all about the ‘mindset’

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FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 13: Head coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks reacts during a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on November 13, 2016 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

SEATTLE – Every week, Pete Carroll takes a few minutes to talk to Q13 News’ Aaron Levine.

This week, they talked about Seattle’s success in the fourth quarter, Steven Terrell’s big opportunity, and the Washington Huskies.

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The Seahawks are officially entering the fourth quarter of the regular season, and the Hawks have done really well in the fourth quarter dating back to 2012. Coach, to what do you attribute that success?

I think we have a really good mentality about it. We practice finishing all the time. So when it comes to finish time, I make a big deal about it that we’ve already prepared ourselves to have the right mindset. It’s really about continuing to execute and doing the things you do well longer than the other guys. It’s kind of a simple way of stating it, but our guys are really tuned into it, and we have had pretty good success.

That messaging seems to be working. In fact, you guys are outscoring opponents in the fourth quarter of the season by 292 points, a turnover differential of +23 — you’ve got to love that!

That’s why I’m so excited we’re in the fourth quarter! We do well here, and this is something we take a lot of pride in. It’s the time to do it right. We want to finish this thing. This is a big time of year, and I’m looking forward to it.

How big of an opportunity and the rest of the season is it for Steven Terrell?

It’s a huge opportunity for him to live up to the expectations of his teammates. We just want him to go out there and do what he can do, and play the way he plays. He’s been in three games and played consistent football very well. There’s no reason to think anything else. But I think, it’s just another opportunity for a guy to state, that he can hold up his own. Fill in whenever we need it.

I know you’re always looking for unique characteristics? What unique characteristic does Marcel Reece bring to the table?

Back in his UW days, he was a wide receiver. So when he was with Tom Cable at the Raiders, they transformed him into a fullback. It took a couple years to get that done, but he brought extra route running skills, really good hands, really good speed, and just a general all-around athleticism that all fullbacks just don’t have.

This team has averaged 175 rushing years in the last three weeks. What’s been the difference there?

It’s great to have that balance back. That’s what we seek. I know there was awhile there in the season where I was thinking it was never going to happen. But we need to keep going. That was three weeks, we need to get it done this week. But it does give us such a style that we like.

By the way, were you serious about scrimmaging the Huskies to help them prepare for Alabama?

Heck ya! I called coach Petersen the other day and asked him about it, and sort of made fun of it — saying even if we have to go out in Nordstrom’s parking lot we’ll scrimmage them. We had some fun talking about it, but of course, we can’t do it, so we won’t. But we’d like to.