Pierce County road crews bracing for more snow

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SOUTH HILL, Wash. — Pierce County Public Works has more than two dozen snow plows at the ready and crews are preparing for more snow in the weather forecast.

On Wednesday, crews sprayed deicer at trouble spots to make sure roads stay passable if snow and ice become a problem.

“I love weather. It’s very interesting but it’s very hard to predict,” said Kendal Willits, with Pierce County Public Works.

Even though the sun shined bright on Wednesday, Thursday could be all-hands on deck.

“We’re out 12-24 hours ahead of time trying to prevent the snow or ice from bonding to the pavement,” he said. “When it bonds it’s harder to get the ice or snow off the roadway than it is to pre-treat.”

Crews have been busy spraying deicer and monitoring trouble spots since the weekend.

“We’ve been working 24 hours a day since Monday morning and we will continue to go out there and monitor,” he said.

“I think we’ll survive,” said Larissa Perey. “We’ve had a storm before.”

Perey spent Wednesday stocking up on grocery basics.

“I think it will be OK,” she said. “I’ll be OK working at home but I do have the water, bread and eggs just in case.”

Meanwhile, dozens of Pierce County road crews are planning ahead for what could come later this week.

“We want … to keep the public safe in Pierce County,” Willits said.

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